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RITILITY does more than design-build of clean energy solutions for people and businesses who desire 0+.
We also support various aspects of creating, improving and celebrating properties that enhance the experiences of their occupants.

DER Solutions At The Transformer

RIGRID solutions are decentralised energy resources (DER) that can be located at the (proposed location of the utility) transformer. They deliver a resilient mini-grid electricity resource for all downstream users.
RIGRID mini-grid solutions comprise of battery storage systems, solar PV systems, and allied energy control and monitoring systems. In addition, the RIGRID may incorporate onsite fossil-fuel generators or the utility grid (if PHCN is available). The RIGRID is configured to scale flexibly for the needs of the mini-grid.

DER Solutions Behind The Meter

RISITE solutions are DER that form an independent micro-grid within the premises of the user. They help occupiers of the building or any of its premises to have redundant power, no matter what the electricity situation is elsewhere.

RIISTE microgrid solutions comprise of battery energy storage (BES) as well as energy control and monitoring for each premises. Solar PV is recommended as the main AC power source. in addition, a compatible backup-generator can be controlled by the RISITE. This enables RISITE deployment within serviced apartments, offices, and other multi-occupant premises inside buildings.

RISITE solutions can be individually metered to each premises. Alternatively, a single meter can be installed at the main distribution board if the intention is to supplement electrical services to common areas.

Zero Pollution, Surplus Energy

A ZeroSurplus building produces 100% renewable energy that meet or exceed its electrical loads. It aims to emit zero pollution. The surplus energy is available for productive or lifestyle activities or for export to earn passive income.

Through this website and our social media, we share our passion, practical actions, and design principles for construction, retrofit or improvements to building premises, that enhance curb appeal, use-ability, and resale value-added.

Enkule Maker Spaces

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