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For Communities

Energy allowance must be used within 1 day.

Cash Price ₦POA


For Communities

Energy allowance must be used within 1 week.

Cash Price ₦POA


For Communities

Energy allowance must be used within 1 month.

Cash Price ₦POA


For Communities

Energy allowance must be used within 3 months.

Cash Price ₦POA


RIGRID subscriptions give you priority access to sustainable energy sources such as solar PV and high-density energy storage, even if your own premises are not suitable or if you are renting.

Guaranteed availability of stable, reliable and sufficient energy for your needs.

Flexible agreements that reduce the pain of high CAPEX and OPEX costs for energy-intensive businesses.


Similar to joining a gym or getting season tickets to a sports venue! Select a RIGRID facility with available spare capacity of blocks, and review the subscription documents which includes detailed information on the facility and the subscription terms and conditions. Decide how many blocks of power are right for you.

The output capacities of a RIGRID facility are measured in blocks. For electricity, each block is equivalent to 1kW (kilowatt) of power and is estimated to yield an average 115 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy per month or 3.5kWh per day. Users can subscribe to buy blocks. Prices vary with various factors, including the location and capacity of the facility, time of use, and priority of access.

Complete and submit the subscription agreement form. Pay the subscription fee and the one-time administration fee.

  • With the 1-day, 1-week, and 1-month plans, you pay-as-you-go at the beginning of the applicable period.
  • With the Prime plans, you complete purchase by paying the monthly dues or by prepay for the entire Prime period.
  • Use your portion of energy for the duration of your plan. Daily energy and power usage limits apply. Excess usage charges apply. Unused energy cannot be carried over. Subject to availability

    Note: You are paying to use the portion of the facility’s output that is allocated to the blocks held. You have to be located within the service area of RIGRID facility to use the electricity. You are not buying electricity from RITILITY. You are not buying ownership of the RIGRID facility.