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  1. Energy Audit
  2. Electrical Inspection & Testing
  3. Installation & Commissioning
  4. Troubleshooting & Documentation
  5. Energy Management


    Deliverable: Energy Report
    Process: A technician will visit your premises and install a sophisticated energy monitor. For about two weeks, it gains an approximate measure of when electricity flows within your installation, so you know what time and which phase uses the most energy

    Purpose: Establishes the quantity and timing of energy usage and power demand within the premises. Ideally, the assessment should include various time periods of the day and week and all seasons of the year. In practice, an estimate can be obtained from any 2-3 weeks of measurements.


    Deliverable: Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
    Process: A technical personnel will inspect and test the existing wiring and protective devices of the building. Any defects identified will be listed in the EICR with indications of corrective or preventative actions

    Purpose: Onsite energy systems will place additional stress on the wiring and protective devices of the premises. It is important to ensure continuation of sufficiency and safety of the electrical installation. it is recommended that an Electrical Infrastructure Condition Report should be prepared by a competent electrical contractor if the premises:

        - does not have accurate electrical drawings; or
        - has not been subject to inspection and testing within the previous 5 years; or
        - has had additons and modifications since its initial electrical installation; or,
        - suffers from any unresolved electrical faults or potential hazards.


    We design, supply, install and commission systems to the best of our technical knowledge and ability, given the information that you provide to us. It is strongly recommended that energy systems be maintained and serviced periodically. We cannot accept any liability for systems that are not subject to a continuous, paid-up RICARE Plan.


    Troubleshooting is greatly facilitated by correct or complete documentation.
    - An electrical design diagram and an electrical installation conditon report and an energy report are among deliverables of the Design & Quote service.
    - On new installation, all the major components, junction boxes, protective devices and cabling should be properly and securely labelled.


    Energy management is a very important aspect of our design service. There is a direct correlation between system size and costs for purchase and operation.

    Heating (cooling in Africa), Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC): System and building design have big impacts on the energy used for HVAC purposes. RITILITY collaborates with building investors and architects very early in the real estate process, so that the HVAC loads can be reduced by intelligent space management. Less heat in the building will lower amounts of less air- conditioning or space cooling and a smaller energy investment.

    Energy sufficiency: Systems need to be able to handle the critical loads.